It’s true, when you cook with LOVE, everything just tastes better! And that’s what our secret ingredient is. We carefully understand the taste of people and delight them with a wide range of tasteful options for everyone. We bring people together to share time, share experiences and share love.


Our moods, our foods: there is often a messy relationship between how we feel and what we eat. Mood swing is a very normal part of a person’s life. When one’s happy they may celebrate the joy with food, at times the same person may be sad and wants to counter the sadness by having something good. Nutrition experts say that the food you eat can help you feel better. Others describe eating as a form of a coping strategy, particularly as a way to attempt to control what otherwise feels like uncontrollable moods or emotions. For some, this means not eating much at all, or eating something in particular.

Snacks and Co. understands the notion of food and its connection with different moods and situations thus it offers a wide range of munchable options. At present it is producing biscuits while it possesses the capability of producing snacks and confectionery range, hence known as “HAR MOOD KA PARTNER”.


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